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Yo, guys! :iconheyboyplz:

Owowow -- it's been so long since I've made any kind of personal journal, aha. Although I've come journalling with a real good cause, so before I begin the juicy bits...

Warning: some peeps might get upset reading this? IDK I mean it's my personal take on the situation I'm about to address, so if you read something you don't agree with, I'm going to say this at the outset that I suggest you comment your feelings civilly so we can have a healthy discussion about it, or else don't comment at all.

I've been noticing lately a pretty strange thing on dA that has caught my interest.
As some of you may know, I watch way too many people. Hence, I see a lot of stuff in my inbox every day when I run to check out what's going on with the peeps and their art. I see a bunch of journals, polls, general activity from them, but of course, I'm more focused on the deviations for the most part of this journal.
Ever since the start of last month or perhaps even two months ago, I began noticing an influx of sketches -- and mind me saying -- very badly done sketches where the subject matter is about something awfully preposterous and completely ridiculous. I've been seeing so much of this 'junk' type of 'art' lately that it's making me sick. And the sad thing is, this type of 'art' is getting a pretty nice amount of views and favs and comments and I'm just like-- :iconjackiechanmemeplz: 
Oh man, one good example of the many seriously wth-am-I-looking-at sketches I've seen on dA consisted of badly-drawn human genitalia... :iconwthamiseeingplz: and this person is like, pretty decent at drawing people and stuff? So seriously where did this junk kind of subject matter come from? orz there wasn't even a mature filter on it, my poor eyes. not everyone wants to suddenly see that kind of stuff agh  
Guys, don't post the tumblr-worthy stuff on dA. Please. Don't. I'm even dreading looking into new good artist's galleries now because a lot of them have a ton of this 'junk art' in them and it leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. :iconotlplz: Guys, take pride in your work yo. Don't post crappy work you barely took the time to complete. I even do real junk sketches myself a lot of the time, but oh man I wouldn't even dare to post them because seriously OTL not everything needs to be posted. And not to dA at least. Everyone run to tumblr for that rofl
If you're even in the least attached to your art and appreciate the blood, sweat and tears you put into it, showcase it in the featured section of your gallery. Be proud of your drawings. Show them off on your profile. There's absolutely nothing wrong with passive showcasing. u v u 

Which brings me to my next issue which is closely related to this one of artists posting works to their gallery and in the descriptions, clearly saying they don't like their work. If you don't like your work, don't post it. Or if you really do have to post it for whatever reason, there is this thing called a scrapbook. Use it. 
There are so many people out there on this site that wish they could draw. That wish they had the skill to pull off something as wonderful as what you post, but then scrolling down to the description they see their favourite artist doesn't even like their own art? I've been in that situation before, and trust me it's a painful thing to endure. 
A lot of the time, the artists that post this kind of stuff feel empowered to do so because they're liked on the internet. Because they're popular. Don't get the wrong impression that because you're liked and praised often for your art that you can post whatever sketchy junk that doesn't make sense... no. A lot of artists on this site work hard to produce the art they do. And this sort of tragic 'junk' art is giving the good, hardworking artists bad impressions. OTL. Don't know about you guys, but I work my arse off making the art I make, sheesh--

Another related topic I'd like to bring to everyone's attention is this issue with descriptions...
Guys, seriously? I barely see deviations anymore with decent descriptions. Personally I find the artist's comments on their own pieces a really attractive thing to come across. I love reading descriptions. It shows the artist has pride in their work. And reading about their feelings towards their own art gives me a sense of relief because at least I know it wasn't halfheartedly dumped into the submissions box.

ok I think I'm done here-- :iconpapmingplz: I HAVE SO MANY HANG UPS LOL but seriously guys, this stuff has been festering in me for the past idk, 2 months? Just thought I'd post a journal about it because I think it's important to educate the peeps so they can look out for this kind of stuff in future.

ok going now :iconlazywaveplz: Thanks for reading ahh~~

EDIT: oh and peeps pls check out Cantrona's journal about the same issue here! She worded it so nicely hnng~  DeviantART rantHello everyone! I don't usually post journals that are not really personal to me, but a subject came up and I feel that at least more people on dA should take notice of it. This is for the most part inspired by my friend safva whom I converse with daily and just us talking and giving opinions has I think opened both of our eyes a bit.
She wrote a journal of a similar nature and you can take this journal as a sort of either continuation or reply sort of thing. I suggest you please go read it; it can be found here
Right, now moving on to what I actually want to speak about. DeviantART has become a huge part of my daily life these past few months and it brings me a lot of good and a lot of bad. My main issue is really how people approach their own art. Too often I see in descriptions the

- S a
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South Africa


:iconzerostorm91: is mah dA homie bruh

I am the po-chan to :iconvao-k:'s bean-chan

Shh~ Yip-Lee is my secret husbando~

My inspirations, artists that keep me going, and not-so-secret senpais: Arrrkal, offrecord, NegativeFeedback, renos13, Digi-M, Xoue and mangaka Shirow Miwa

My art is based on a lot of fine art fundamentals. I've got an incredibly traditional background with art and have grown up with the ideology that art is not only something you constantly hone by improving, but it grows with you. It improves as you age too.
I don't use technicalities in my art because I'm a thorough bred fine artist.


I am a hermit, living in my house, sleeping above the gates of hell beneath my tombstone bed, drawing for most of my life.
I guess you should call me a demon instead.

Do you know where I work? At the zombie labs.

I am addicted to KHR, Sengoku BASARA, Bleach, Kuroko no Basuke, Digimon, Samurai Champloo, DOGS, Inazuma Eleven, and too many other things I honestly can't remember.
I thirst for Veil of Maya, Disturbed, As I Lay Dying, Born of Osiris, Circle of Contempt, the GazettE, Killswitch Engage, Make Them Suffer, Evanescence, and Linkin Park (or at least the way they were in 2004).
I feed on Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Devil May Cry, Call of Duty, Crysis, Battlefield, Dead Space, and too many others.

My favourite Vocaloid producers are probably Utsu-P and Rin Ginsuke.

My favourite movies are Pacific Rim and Jet Li: Fearless. I really love action and sci-fi movies.

Don't be afraid to drop comments on my profile~~ I love reading comments, hnnggg

Some important things you should know about me~:
I don't do requests, art trades, or collaborations with/for just anybody. This is for friends only.
I don't do RP's.
I am not interested in yaoi/yuri, thank you very much.
Check my commission journals for commission statuses.
My Skype is personal. Only unless we're friends on dA and you'd like to get to know me better, don't be afraid to ask me~

I've got a lot of beef with the world just btw-- tHuG LyF guys

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