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Waaah, hello and welcome to Sacchan's gallery ne!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ It's a pleasure to have you, and I hope you'll have a good time going through my work, haha~ thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay!

I treasure every single comment, and if you do decide to drop one, let me just tell you in advance that you are a ★ s t a r ★ //EXO's 'The Star' suddenly plays in the bg whatisthis


[COM] Foodie icons 2 by safva
Completed icons thus far ^

EDIT! For now, the number of custom slots available will keep growing until I feel I've got enough to work with. Thank you everyone for your interest so far! And if you're interested in commissions, please do so before everything fills up ueheuehee

Upon demand, I've decided to open commissions for these cutie icons once more! Gosh, I really hope you guys like the menu I've got cooked up this time, aaah! :iconweepplz: 
As usual, there are some small previews of how the icon is going to more or less appear beneath the name. I've got previews for them because I want to let you guys in on what to expect for it (although it can be altered slightly depending on the additional items option). But like I mentioned before, THE FINAL PRODUCT WILL LOOK 3637863 TIMES CLASSIER AND PROPORTIONATE THAN THE PREVIEWS! 

Also, please note that this time around the icons are not open for bidding. They're all a fixed price of:
[COM] Foodie icon bid compilation by safva

$4 (USD) or 400 :points:'s per icon

So without further ado... to the sushi truck! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

1. Demented milk box claimed by :iconyozane: [PAID]
2. Bitten dougnut oozing a fried egg  claimed by :iconglaciaru: [PAID]
3. Tall 3-layer slice of cake 
4. :iconprismkidd: Custom [PAID]
5. :iconchickenisntmystyle: Custom [PAID]

pink heart bullet First come, first serve for 1, 2, and 3 above!
pink heart bullet Cash payments will be accepted in USD via PayPal only. If paying in :points:'s, please let me know and I'll open a commissions widget for you to pay into.
pink heart bullet The icons are by default not animated. However, the form below now includes an option for that with animated sparkles. Please note animation will cost an extra $1 USD or 100 :points:'s to the cost.

Please comment to claim either 1, 2, or 3! Whoever comments first to claim will receive it!
If you're interested in commissioning for a CUSTOM FOODIE ICON though, please fill in the following form either in the comments below, or in a note! It makes handling all commission information a lot easier, and is convenient for me to access. No form, no commission.

Payment type: (PayPal or Points)
Food item:
Colour preference: (any particular colours in mind for particular food items in the icon?)
Mini text: (maximum 5 letters)
Extra items: (optional)
Sparkle colour: (optional; default is cream)
Sparkle animation: (optional; please note animation will cost an extra $1 USD or 100 :points:'s)

THANK YOU FOR READING, and please let me know any questions or concerns in the comments or via note! I'll be more than happy to address them. Emoji32
  • Playing: Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • Eating: metal tubes
  • Drinking: of formalin


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
South Africa

DRAWING AND NOT GIVING A CRAP. This is the life of a tHuG.
^ role model of all time HEELLAAA

u v u earthworm stars: in no particular order

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦
'Now is the time to believe in yourself. Have no fear of how others think of you, or will judge you, for your greatness will silence them all'
- Veil of Maya

'If I could just get through to you -- we could put in the final screws to barricade the door. And start back where we were'
- Dance Gavin Dance

'Not every life that you despise deserves the humiliation. It is still clear that you can cure yourself through re-evalutation'
- Entities

'When you said you were searching, I'd hoped that you'd find me'
- The Afterimage

☆★☆ RaNDOM QUESTION: What are you currently obsessing over, Sacchan?
- I don't care if Shinnok is an old man I still DIG HIS OSTEOPOROSIS MANIPULATION- ☆★☆


Zombie kid in bound.

Do you know where I work? At the zombie labs.

I am addicted to Hunter X Hunter, KHR, Sengoku BASARA, Bleach, Kuroko no Basuke, Digimon, Samurai Champloo, DOGS, Inazuma Eleven, and too many other things I honestly can't remember.
I thirst for Veil of Maya, Disturbed, As I Lay Dying, Born of Osiris, Circle of Contempt, the GazettE, Killswitch Engage, Make Them Suffer, Evanescence, and Linkin Park (or at least the way they were in 2004).
I feed on Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Devil May Cry, Call of Duty, Crysis, Battlefield, Dead Space, and too many others.

My favourite Vocaloid producers are probably Utsu-P and Rin Ginsuke.

My favourite movies are Pacific Rim and Jet Li: Fearless. I really love action and sci-fi movies.

... Surprisingly an EXO and Bangtan girl. Luhan, Jimin, Suga, thank you bless.

Don't be afraid to drop comments on my profile~~ I love reading comments, hnn~~ I love writing them too! AND I WILL THANK YOU FOR THE WATCH BE PREPARED WOOP-

My OC's are my treasure

en jy is nogal cute-- //SLAPPED

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

oops oops makeshift FAQ:
- I'm a little timid when it comes to making friends in general, but that doesn't mean I'm unfriendly!! We might have something in common, so don't be afraid to strike up conversation with me if you like! ( ◉ ∀ ◉ )

- Sorry, but my Skype is very personal. (´・ω・`) It's for people I know IRL or very close internet peeps, so please don't feel bad if I refuse to give out my Skype name.

- I have a complex and complicated relationship with birthdays in general, so if I don't draw you a birthday gift please don't hold it against me LOL. I may draw you something as a random gift because I like random gifts, but birthdays aren't important to me personally due to religious reasons.

- Please ASK ME ABOUT USING ANYTHING. I'm generally cool with art-related stuff, but PLEASE ask me about it; I don't bite, unless it's a case of art theft orz

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Some important things you should know about me~:
I don't do requests, art trades, or collaborations with/for just anybody. This is for friends only.
I don't do RP's.
I am not interested in yaoi/yuri, thank you very much.
Check my commission journals for commission statuses.

All in all, I've got a lot of beef with the world-- tHuG LyF guys -- but I'm also a really chill person, ne? :iconlazingplz:

THANKKKK YOU EVERY1 FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL SUPPORT NE!!!! Your watch and comments and overall support of my art means the world to me aaahh! So take Chimchim's adorableness as a freebie because I don't have cookies gOMENASAI

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